Homemade Hot Chocolate (serves ~6)

One of the things I missed most when I had to say goodbye to soy and (most) dairy products was hot chocolate. There’s nothing better than curling up on a cold winter day with a blanket, a book and mug of hot cocoa. This recipe makes a great gift for someone, as well, because it is virtually allergy free and can be added to any milk (I’ve tried almond, cashew, and coconut milk with it).

Ingredientshot cocoa

6 tablespoons of Hershey’s cocoa powder

12 tablespoons of cane sugar

handful of mini marshmallows



Combine all of the contents together to make the mix. Then pour yourself a glass of milk and add in two scoops of the mix. For added sweetness I sometimes add a couple drops of vanilla extract. Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave and you have yourself a mug of homemade hot chocolate!

Disclaimer: Awesome Napoleon Dynamite mug not included. 


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