Holistic Health: Dr. Singha’s Detox Bath

For Stress Relief

DSG-44442-3I am only stressed out when I have nothing to do. I love being busy. In fact, the busier I am, the happier I am. But during slow periods like the holidays, I find that because I cannot put my energy towards work, I have to put it towards the small things… and I am one to sweat the small stuff! So, I’ve used this “me” time to try relaxing and Dr. Singha’s Mustard detox bath has helped quite a bit.

You just dissolve a tablespoon of the powder in a warm cup of water and add it to your bath. The instant I stepped in, I was transported to a better place. When my soak was up, I felt refreshed, relaxed, but also rejuvenated! I found the bath at our local Earth Fare and they had a neat little sample packet that is about four baths worth of powder, just in case your hesitant.

If you’re stressed out during the holidays and need a holistic remedy, try any detox bath. They relieve your body of pent-up toxins from things like processed foods, pollution, and medications. Detoxing not only clears your mind, but strengthens your immune system to prevent diseases.

If you have tried other detox bath products, share them below!


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