Starting Something New: Holistic Healing Section

I’m giving myself a pat on the back! It has been over a year now since I started Soy-Free Soul and I am blessed to say that I feel that I have no more challenges with my soy-free diet! When I first found out I was intolerant to soy, and many other foods that I ate regularly, I felt so lost. When I tried to search soy-free recipes online there wasn’t a single source to help me. Sure, the gluten-free, vegan, and even paleo diets are difficult, but there are communities of people and about a million sources to turn to when you’re in need. I was on my own. As I began to realize how difficult this change would be for me, the challenges kept piling on. Grocery shopping was a challenge. Cooking was a challenge. Restaurants were a challenge. It seemed that there were so many roadblocks that I was just meant to eat peanut butter and apples for the rest of my life. But, as you can see by my 45 or so recipes, I have found my way around again. I have found that the best restaurants are small business owners. They usually cook with locally grown and organic foods and will have a great big allergy guide for all of their dishes. And the best part about finding these places and trying these new foods is that I’ve learned more than just how to eat healthy. And that’s where this new chapter of Soy-Free Soul begins…

My Journey Toward Holistic Healing

Cutting soy and several other unhealthy intolerances that I had out of my diet essentially “cured” me. Before I cut it all out of my diet I was very sick. I had an incessant rash that would appear for a few days at time and then go away for weeks. I had horrible stomach/intestinal pain on a daily basis. I was fatigued and tired most days and would sometimes wake up feeling like my body was covered in bruises and I couldn’t be touched. And the worst symptom of all was my anxiety. I would have about three attacks a week, sometimes more, and my emotions were on a constant roller coaster. I felt like an elderly woman at 20 years old. But, when I cut soy out of my diet all of the pain and anxiety went away. I have only had a couple attacks in 18 months and I haven’t woken up a single day where I felt like I couldn’t move. But, I don’t believe this is all a miracle, I believe it is science. My nutritionist explained that soy is a genetically modified plant that is used as a “filler” for essential nutrients in pretty much all processed, or “junk”, foods. And soy can have very interesting effects on estrogen levels in both men and women. Too much estrogen in a woman’s body can make her emotionally unstable, which she believes caused my anxiety to be far worse than it otherwise should have been. Moreover, eating foods that you’re intolerant to can cause your body to respond in all types of ways. Your antibodies, which I like to think of as the army men in your body, fight off disease and illness and when you eat intolerant foods they have to fight what you’re eating instead of everything else. So, when you cut out those intolerances in your diet, the antibodies can fight everything else. Hence why the rash, the stomach/intestinal pain and the fatigue all went away when I cut soy out.

But I was on a journey of more than just feeling normal, I wanted to be healthy. Truly healthy. I read a study that antibiotics were causing food allergies in people of all ages. And so, for the past year, every time I have felt sick, I have holistically healed it. And after healing many sore throats, many headaches, many stomach aches, and even mild insomnia, I believe that it is possible to heal anything. So, I’m starting this new category of my blog to share more than just recipes. Of course, I’m not a doctor, but if you have the same philosophy about holistic healing and choose not to flee to the doctor every time you have a cough, these home remedies are worth a shot.

Thank you everyone for following me along my healthy journey, I hope my recipes have helped you. And don’t worry, as long as you’re following, I will continue cooking.



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  1. I hear you on that! It was truly overwhelming when I discovered my soy intolerance. The first week I cut out soy, I spent 3 hours at the grocery store reading labels and walked out with only about 10 items. But I’m seeing more and more soy free products out there, and that gives me hope. I look forward to reading your new section.

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