Uh Oh! I Ran Out of Brown Sugar! What’s A Girl To Do?

My Foray Into Food Storage

I am pretty good about keeping the basics stocked in my house: flour, sugar, eggs, rice, beans, etc.  There are other things, things I use less frequently, that I’m not so good about stocking.  One of those is brown sugar.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve run out of brown sugar and only discovered I was out while I was baking something requiring brown sugar. Then I have to decide if I want to substitute granulated sugar or make a run to the grocery store.  Poor planning my part, but I’m a real gal with failings just like everyone else.

Has that ever happened to you?  Well, baked goods just don’t taste the same if you substitute granulated sugar.  They’re fine, but they aren’t great.  I have a strong personal belief that if I want a treat, I should have the real thing: full fat (preferably butter), full…

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